How to Pick the Best Engagement Ring

Now, after some time together, you already know and you are already sure that you want to go down on bended knee, with a ring on your hand and ask her to marry you. But, before you go to the theatrics on how you are going to propose, you have to, of course, select the ring first.

There is a huge collection of rings out there. Just on store might overwhelm you so imagine how much more overwhelmed you might become if you see the stores around? So, let us try to make your search be guided so that it will not be too difficult and time consuming for you to find which one you think is for your future fiancé.

Here are the three very important things you should do when you are going to shop for an engagement ring:

Know your budget.

Buying an engagement ring should not be over the top. You would of course, want to buy something that is grand and beautiful worthy of the woman you love but you should also consider your budget. You do not have to starve yourself or take a loan or spend a huge chunk of your savings so you can buy one. Just think of the amount you think you need that will not do that much “damage” financially.

Know her Personality and Match that with the Ring you are to Choose

Is she the very nice, simple, down to earth type? Then maybe a one-rock ring will be best for her. Is she the type who is into flashy, stylish, over the top things and has a very bubbly personality? You might want to consider the coloured ring for her. Or is she the type who is old school, sentimental, deep and soulful? Maybe the antique-styled ring is the best pic for her. Looking at her personality and her style alone, you can pretty much see which ring best suits her.

Shop around

Like what is mentioned, one shop can be overwhelming enough so looking for a ring in different shops might be too much for you but, you might not see the ring you are looking for if you will just go in one jewelry store. You might not know, the other shop offers rings at a more affordable price and that they offer the ring that you imagine your future fiancé wearing. Exhaust all possible shops where you can search for rings first before you finally decide, just so you can be sure.

Another option you can do that is probably not yet a popular option to many people? Shop for the ring online. ( This way, you can look at more options and you can look at rings when you are having a break at work, or you are on our couch at home or even when you are just at your favorite coffee shop.

Now that you feel like you are ready, take a step towards that jewelry store now!